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New Blogs...

So I've decided to not use LJ to blog anymore. I'm going to still use it for LJ Communities and friends but I'm not going to go out of my way to post. I have my craft blog: sugarnstitches.blogspot.com and I will start a new personal/everything else that's not crafts kinda blog once I'm in Portland.
I will post the other blog here when I start it. LJ is just too bland for me and I'd like to start posting more pictures too. I'm still on here, but not as a blog poster.

Feedback for LJ Sales

Please post feedback here for items sold/bought on LJ from me.


Please comment to be added ^_^

Lolita Nintendo DS Game!!!!!!

This looks SUPER CUTE! More info on DS Fanboy and on the official site for Natsume.

I'm really excited, it looks adorable. I personally LOVE Harvest Moon and when I was checking Natsume I saw this and was super excited ^_^

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Skirt Project!

So this was posted to sew_loli but I thought I'd put it on my journal too! I'm very excited about this skirt mainly because of the fabric! I will have to make a petti to go with it after ^_^

Project Title : Sweet Little Animal skirt
Short Project Description: Basic gathered skirt with half back elastic and removable ties in back. There will be two rows of lace, one around the bottom and one about 4" above that. It will be lined with light pink cotton.
Projected Deadline: July 14th
Pattern(s) Used: combo of McCalls M5631 and the skirt in the American G&LBv.2(for detachable tie part)
Materials needed: cotton animal fabric, pink for lining, elastic, and lace.
Challenges or obstacles : I've never done the 1/2 elastic waist before or removable ties.

The Current Girls

I haven't reallllly blogged about my Blythes...at least with a picture. This is such a crappy pic compared to the others I have but I think this is one of the few of them together. They are awesome!!!! From left to right: Chloe, Flora, Fawn. ^_^
I always seem to post in a hurry...where as I'd usually like to include pictures. Anywho, Lately I've gotten some amazing fabric that I am going to start turning into adorable skirts and Lolita outfits ^_^

Right now I have a crazy headache sooo maybe I'll actually post some more later....



Edit: It will be out in North America for Holidays this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Soooo the whole Little Shop of Horrors thing didn't work out. I'm not doing it anymore because I would have ended up doing everything without help and then when I say I quit then it's a different story.

Anyway...We went to colossal con and it was seriously the worst con I've ever been to! The only thing I really did was go to a Lolita panel and I didn't even find anything I wanted in the dealers room. Oh well.

We're going to be planning out some cosplay for Ohayocon though!! I'm excited, I haven't cosplayed since ummm....2004??? Yeah college kinda sucked all the fun out of everything I did. So now I have time and I'm gonna cosplay because it makes me happy ^_^
I'm also going to try and make myself some lolita outfits.

This summer's goal: Learn to drape and pattern drafting with muslin, and at least sew more stuff.

I really need to take more pictures. I have been in a picture taking rut! I even have gotten two dollies that I barely took pictures with >_<

Today I'm going to plan out and draw my uber embroidery project! and it will remain secret until I finish...it will be a series but the first one will be more like a test to see what I can do with this project. They'll all evolve from there. ^_^

Oh and one more thing, I could probably blog about this...we got a Wii Fit and started doing it 3 days ago. I set my goal for 5lbs in 1month because I'm like we'll just see what happens...it claims I am 1lb less! It's got me sore!!! So I think it's working.

Little Shop of Horrors!

Quick update! I'm going tomorrow evening to help with a show at the community theater here! YES LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS!!!!!!! It's only like one of my all time favorite musicals! ^_^ I'll be helping out back stage with costumes and such. ^_^ I'm excited to find out more tomorrow.